Friday, November 20, 2015

Author's POV

What responsibilities do people have to animals?  I think that we should protect animals. I think this because we get food from a lot of animals and if we didn't have animals we would be running out of food. Also animals are like human they have feelings.

  • The authors point of view in the story Ending  "Shamu" stunts isn't  enough to protect whales, activists say is that people want to stop the whale show. I know this because in the story it "says visitors at the San Diego park made it clear they prefer seeing killer whale's act naturally rater than doing tricks". Also in the story it "says he said ending the shows is a good first step but doesn't go far enough". Another sentence in the reading it "said California customers want to see more natural shows and fewer tricks.

  • The author's point of view for the story Endangered whale may be safer in an aquarium.  The point of view for the story is people can't decide if they should let a whale out of the aquarium. I know this because in the text it " says the change is expected to lead to a lawsuit from those seeking the killer whale's release". Another sentence in the article that proves my point of view is that"Aquarium officials have repeatedly said they have no intention of releasing  the whale". Another sentence said "The whale could survive in a sea pen or the open waters of the pacific Northwest.

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