Wednesday, December 14, 2016

About me.

My name is Lesly, my favorite sports are basketball and swimming. My favorite hobbies are shopping and hanging out with friends and watching movies.  I like any kind of music really I just like rap a little more.  My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pizza, wings. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to spend it with my family.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

 When I was a kid I learned my first letters in kindergarden. My parents read to me sometimes but my teacher read to us everyday. Since people were reading to me I liked it because it was easier to understand.  The first book that I liked as a kid was the No David books.  I liked that book No David because it was funny. I also liked it because it was mostly about a boy who always got in trouble for doing things.

When I started to get older I liked reading but now I really don't like reading at all. I started writing my name in kindergarden I remember I was excited because I learned how to spell my name. When I started to read I thought it was going to be hard and I wasn't going to be able to read. When I started to learn letter and write letter I was happy. When I first went to school I was nervous and scared because it was my first day. I thought it was going to be hard.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Night john Illiterate

Many kids don't have a lot of things. They don't have schools so that means they are illiterate. If I were in that situation  and I didn't know how to read or write it would be really hard for me. It would be hard because if people send you something and you can't read it or understand it. Another reason is because if other people know how to read and write and you don't know it will be hard to see them.  Another thing that will be hard is if you need treatment and its says something and you have to read it but you don't know they it would be hard. So those are things that are hard. That is why I think it will be hard.

Friday, March 18, 2016


When you read the story of The Noble Experiment you will  learn that Jackie Robinson had to go through a lot.  Jackie Robinson was a African American. People were really mean to him they would call him names and make fun of him. He also wanted to join baseball but they would not let him because he was African American. The coach from the team didn't think Jackie could handle the pain so he told jackie he would have to show him that he can be tough and handle the pain in order to be on the team. So since jackie had to show the coach jackie did go trough it and handled all the pain.  So then the coach decided to let jackie in the team.

Friday, March 4, 2016


The book I read is called A Bad Case of Stripes. The conflict of the book A Bad Case of Stripes   is a 
girl wakes up and has stripes all over her. She changes into different color stripes if someone says the color.  The other kids react to the conflict by being mean and making fun of Camilla.The theme of the story is you shouldn't make fun of someone or be mean to someone if they look different. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Paper Reflection

When I was writing my paper something I think I did well is I found enough information for my paper. Also it was easy for me to find facts on my topic.  Another thing is I was able to put it in my own words.Something that were hard for me to do my paper is I had to make sure the website was good. Also another thing that was hard for me was it was hard for me to use transition words.  A goal  I wanna make for next time is I want to be able to be able to have better transition words.

Friday, January 29, 2016



Physical features

  • Have 24 eyes
  • Each tentacle has 5,000 cells
  • Weight 4.4 pounds 


The box jellyfish is a animal that lives in the water. They have 24 eyes and each tentacle has 5,000 cells. Box jellyfish weigh about 4.4 pounds. (National Geographic).

Monday, January 11, 2016


Step 1:Notes
  • No sleep = feel clumsy and forgetful and you feel like your legally drunk
  • Brain cells can die if you don't sleep enough
  •  teens = bad  grades and not healthy
  • More than 100,00 a year happen= Not enough sleeping
Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph

Teenager and Adults like to stay up late but its not good. When kids and adults don't sleep enough they feel clumsy and forgetful and legally drunk. If you don't sleep enough brain cells can start dying. For teenagers if they don't get enough sleep they start to get bad grades and they could get hurt in sports. When people don't sleep enough they can fall asleep while they are driving. 100,000 people die because they don't get enough sleep.

Step 1:Notes

  • Its harder to sleep when you use your phone  and other technology after 9
  • The brightness of the phone tell your brain its daytime so it harder to fall asleep
  • The problem is it gets your mind all interested in something that its hard to relax

Step 2:Paraphrase Paragraph

Teenagers have a hard time sleeping. Its usually because they use there phones after 9 a clock so its harder to fall asleep. The brightness of your electronic tells your brain its daytime so it become harder to fall asleep. The main problem is it gets you mind all excited for something that it make it hard to relax.