Monday, January 11, 2016


Step 1:Notes
  • No sleep = feel clumsy and forgetful and you feel like your legally drunk
  • Brain cells can die if you don't sleep enough
  •  teens = bad  grades and not healthy
  • More than 100,00 a year happen= Not enough sleeping
Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph

Teenager and Adults like to stay up late but its not good. When kids and adults don't sleep enough they feel clumsy and forgetful and legally drunk. If you don't sleep enough brain cells can start dying. For teenagers if they don't get enough sleep they start to get bad grades and they could get hurt in sports. When people don't sleep enough they can fall asleep while they are driving. 100,000 people die because they don't get enough sleep.

Step 1:Notes

  • Its harder to sleep when you use your phone  and other technology after 9
  • The brightness of the phone tell your brain its daytime so it harder to fall asleep
  • The problem is it gets your mind all interested in something that its hard to relax

Step 2:Paraphrase Paragraph

Teenagers have a hard time sleeping. Its usually because they use there phones after 9 a clock so its harder to fall asleep. The brightness of your electronic tells your brain its daytime so it become harder to fall asleep. The main problem is it gets you mind all excited for something that it make it hard to relax.

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