Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I am reading a book called  "Killing Mr. Griffin."  The author is L.J smith. So far in my book theirs this teacher and his name is Mr.Griffin. His students don't like him because he never accepts late work and the students think that he put a bad grade on purpose. Well the two boys in his class named Jeff, Mark, decide they were going to pull a prank on the teacher for giving them all bad grades. The boys come up with a plan and after their plan they kidnap the teacher and bring him up to this cabin up this mountain. They decided to leave him there and were going to come back in a few days they figured he would probably get out on his own so they just left, A few days later Jeff picked up Susan girl from school and they headed up the mountain together to see the teacher.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The name of my book is " Killing Mr. Griffin" the Author is Lois Duncan. There are 221 pages. The genre of this book is mystery. So far in my book the main characters in my book are Jeff and Mark.  I'm still close to the beggining so not a lot of characters have come yet. My book so far is about the characters talking about Mr. Griffin because they hate him . They were just talking about it but then Mark said, " Let kill him." But then Jeff is like are you serious and mark said yeah.  The setting in the book is a school classroom.