My book #2

The book that  I am reading is called "The Forbidden Game." The author is L.J. Smith. The few of the main character from the book are Jenny, Tom. Also a kid who works at the game store. A summary about my book is Jenny was being followed on the streets she was walking to stores to buy her boyfriend Tom a gift because it his birthday was coming. She had this vibe that she was being followed so she decided to run into the nearest store which was a game store not knowing that a cute boy worked there. She started shopping meanwhile she was talking to the boy and she stared to like him. She decided that she had to get out of there, she already had a boyfriend and she didn't want to start catching feelings for this guy. So she left just buying some board game ( One of a kind) so she goes home to wrap up the present and goes to the party. I think the twist so far in the book is that she caught feelings for this boy she bearly met at the toy store.

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